KA02 For Aeronautical Engineering NZ

You need to prepare a KA02 report if you are an Aeronautical Engineer and want your NZ skilled immigration but you do not have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord. Via this report, you have to demonstrate that you have an equivalent level of knowledge in your engineering discipline.

The authoritative body Engineering New Zealand wants to check whether you have an equivalent level of technical knowledge or not. So, you will need to display that you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification. You are required to display that you have an ability to tackle complex engineering problems and carry out complex engineering tasks.

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How To Write Aeronautical Engineering Knowledge Assessment?

  • First, you need to familiarize yourself with the KA02 report writing procedure and pattern and how you need to demonstrate your application of engineering knowledge that you gathered from your work and learning.
  • Get well aware of the definition of complex engineering problems as you are required to showcase you can apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • Identify the engineering discipline; you will need to provide evidence of your understanding and application of engineering knowledge.
  • The knowledge assessment is entirely based on the Washington Accord knowledge profile. This application is designed to capture information to help the evaluation of your evidence.

Evidence For KA02 Elements

  • You are required to provide actual samples of your work that demonstrate the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, provide PDF files not more than three in total. Your work sample should provide the evidence of use of calculations or computer modeling to assume the performance of an engineering system.
  • Explain three engineering projects or activities that you have completed, that display your ability to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • If you have limited practical experience, then the project work undertaken during your study can be one of the best ways of explaining the application of your knowledge.
  • You must submit a certified copy of your academic transcripts for all your engineering qualifications.
  • When providing commentary for the elements, provide short notes on any other work or study experiences that display your knowledge of elements.

Aeronautical engineers Roles And Responsibilities in NZ

  • Aeronautical engineers study aircraft issues and recommend changes.
  • They make detailed records of drawings, technical instructions, calculations, and assessments.
  • Design and develop tools or equipment to repair or maintain aircraft.
  • Analyze the design of new aircraft or modifications to existing aircraft.
  • Provide technical and regulatory advice to personnel in the aerospace industry.
  • Discuss aircraft design and data with team members, licensed aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft manufacturers, and airline owners.

Aeronautical engineers Average Yearly Salary in NZ

Due to the shortage of workers, there is a great demand for experienced aeronautical engineers in New Zealand. The chances of getting a job as a graduate aeronautical engineer are high due to the stable demand for engineers at this level. It is crucial for graduate aeronautical engineers to do internships or attain work experience while they study as it is valued by employers. Aeronautical engineers usually earn an average of 100,000 NZD per year.

The salary varies based on their experience, job location, and employer. The more experience you hold, the higher the salary you will get. Apart from the basic salary, you will also get bonus pay and other perks as well. Due to high-pay salaries compared to other countries, many engineers every year want their NZ-skilled immigration.

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