KA02 For Bio Engineering NZ

There is a procedure for the engineers to get NZ-skilled immigration popularly known as Engineering New Zealand Knowledge Assessment. Knowledge Assessment is organized into two categories that are KA01 and KA02 for Engineering New Zealand. Candidates who have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord need to submit a KA01 report and the candidates who do not have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord need to provide a KA02 report.

Bioengineers need to demonstrate that they have gained an equivalent level of knowledge. They also need to display that they have the talent to deal with complex engineering problems and solve complex engineering activities.

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How To Prepare Bio Engineering KA02 knowledge assessment Report?

  • You are required to describe your 3 or 4 engineering projects or activities that you indulged in, to exhibit your ability in applying your engineering knowledge to solving complex engineering issues.
  • You must focus on the activities where you have had to apply a high standard of engineering knowledge such as the complex analyses you have done and the work done by scoping problems and then developing designs and solutions.
  • When defining how your educational program contributed to your development, focus on more advanced works that you have done, the skills that were required to perform that work, and the ability you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.
  • You should include the actual samples of your work such as analyses, calculations, or reports that you have personally undertaken to reassert your work episodes.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, mention the details of those activities that have enhanced your professional engineering knowledge in your discipline.
  • You must write your material using the first person singular pronoun for instance; use ‘I’ or ‘me’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘us’. It will be easy for the assessor to analyze what your personal contribution was.

How To Demonstrating Equivalent Knowledge for Engineering New Zealand?

KA02 report is a technical report where you need to demonstrate that you have a level of technical understanding and knowledge acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification. You need to demonstrate the application of bioengineering knowledge in eight different areas known as elements. You need to explain your elements based on the following:

Element 1:- Natural Science Knowledge

You are required to demonstrate that you have a systematic and theory-based understanding and knowledge of natural science relevant to your engineering fields such as calculus-based physics, geology, astronomy, and hydrology.

Element 2:- Mathematical knowledge

You should mention your knowledge of conceptually-based mathematics, statistics, numerical methods, and formal aspects of computer and information science to support the analysis and application of models applicable to the discipline.

Element 3:- Engineering Fundamental Knowledge

Talk about your engineering fundamental knowledge such that the factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering knowledge pertaining to your engineering field. It is good to show the knowledge of engineering fundamentals to solve complex engineering problems.

Element 4:- Specialist Engineering Knowledge

Explain your specialist engineering knowledge that provides theoretical frameworks and application of knowledge for the selected practice areas in the engineering field. You should also display the ability to apply this engineering specialist knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.

Element 5:- Design Process knowledge

Define your knowledge that supports engineering design in a practice area. You need to display your ability to undertake research and analysis to favor the design process and ability to apply proper design methods to solve complex engineering problems.

Element 6:- Engineering Practice Knowledge

Interpret your engineering practice (technology) knowledge in the practice areas in your engineering field. You need to show your acquaintance with the latest tools of analysis, simulation, design, visualization, and synthesis, specifically computer-based models and packages, and the ability to use the representative selection of these.

Element 7:- Engineering In Society Knowledge

Showcase your awareness of the role of engineering in society and identified problems in engineering practice in the discipline such as ethics and professional liability of an engineer to public safety and the influence of engineering activity such as social, cultural, economic, environmental, and sustainability.

Element 8:- Research-Based Knowledge

Mention your engagement with selected knowledge in the research literature of the engineering field. Decode your advanced knowledge in at least one area within your discipline to a standard that engages with the recent developments in that area.

Bio Engineer Job Responsibilities in New Zealand

  • Bioengineers support patients’ diagnosis and treatment by testing, installing, and repairing biomedical equipment, maintaining safe operations, and training users.
  • Maintain equipment by accomplishing preventive maintenance schedules, performing tests, and troubleshooting and repairing malfunctions.
  • Evaluate and Improve equipment performance by studying machine-patient interaction, developing modifications, and collaborating with manufacturers.
  • Maintain supply inventories by checking stock, anticipating requirements, placing orders, and verifying receipts.
  • Maintain a safe healthy working environment by performing safety tests, recommending and adhering to the procedures, training and guiding medical healthcare personnel, and conforming to codes.
Bio Engineer’s Average Yearly Salary in New Zealand
  • A majority of bioengineers want to settle in New Zealand for work purposes as they get better job opportunities there with better lifestyles, a peaceful working atmosphere, and many more.
  • They earn there an average yearly salary of 122,088 NZD. Besides the basic salary, they also get bonus pay and other benefits too. Their salary is determined by their qualification, skills, work experiences, geographical location, and employers. Primarily, bioengineers get a salary on the basis of their work experiences, the higher the experience they hold, the better the salary they will get.

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