KA02 For Building Services Engineering NZ

Engineers from different countries who want to migrate to a country like New Zealand to get there job opportunities in their engineering disciplines have to complete a knowledge assessment 02. If you are a building services engineer and want your NZ skilled immigration, it is mandatory for you to prepare an Engineering NZ Building Services knowledge assessment.

It is mandatory for those who do not have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord. Those candidates need to demonstrate that they have an equivalent level of knowledge through their assessment report. It is necessary to showcase that you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding that you have acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification.

How To Prepare an effective KA02 report for Building Services Engineering Knowledge Assessment?

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How To Write Equivalent Knowledge For Building Services Knowledge Assessment Engineering New Zealand?

Before you demonstrate your knowledge, you should be aware of the required level of knowledge and the different areas of it. In your discipline, you have to explain your knowledge in eight different areas known as elements. The elements are decided by your knowledge profile that is equivalent to your Washington Accord-accredited qualification. You need to provide your elements as mentioned below:

  • Element 1: Knowledge and understanding of the natural sciences applicable to your disciplines such as the physical world and other areas of physical or biological sciences.
  • Element 2: Knowledge of statistics and probability, mathematics, and numerical methods that supports the solving of engineering problems.
  • Element 3: Theory-based and factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering knowledge relevant to your discipline.
  • Element 4: Understanding of the coherent body of knowledge relevant to engineering discipline; its underlying doctrines and concepts, its usages and application, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Element 5: Application of technical knowledge, design methods, and right tools and resources to design systems, components, and processes to meet specified criteria.
  • Element 6: Knowledge of engineering practice such as current types of systems, information technology, equipment, and specification that complete specific design objectives.
  • Element 7: Understanding the role of engineering in society such as ethical behavior according to the ethical codes of conduct and established norms of professional conduct.
  • Element 8: Advancements in engineering research and technology and science in a specific field of engineering practice.

List of Evidences To Support Your Elements

  • Provide academic transcripts for all your engineering qualifications.
  • Provide a single PDF file for each qualification that bestows a summary of the content of each paper of the qualification.
  • Prepare four work samples in total that showcase the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, provide pdf files not more than three in total.
  • Provide concise notes on any other work or study experiences in addition to your knowledge of the elements in the commentary for these elements.

Tips To Write Building Services KA02 Report For Engineering NZ?

  • Explain 3 or 4 engineering projects or activities that you have undertaken, which explain your engineering knowledge and skills to solve complex engineering problems.
  • You need to prepare actual samples of your work such as a report, analyses, or calculations that you have undertaken to substantiate your work or study episodes.
  • It is highly recommended to mention the activities where you have had to apply a high level of engineering knowledge; some difficult analysis work that you have done the work you have accomplished in scoping a problem and then developing a solution, and the engineering model you applied.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, define those activities that have developed your professional engineering knowledge in your engineering discipline.
  • You must use the first person singular pronoun that will make your document easily assessable for the assessors and help them evaluate what your personal contribution was.
  • When you interpret how your educational program took part in your development, write about the more advanced piece of work you have done, the knowledge you have applied to accomplish that work, and the talent you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.

 Job Descriptions

  • Building services engineers advise architects and clients on matters related to building services.
  • They plan, design, monitor, and inspect systems and design site-specific equipment as required.
  • Monitor and supervise the installation of building systems and specifying maintenance and operating procedure.
  • Make a life-cycle decision about existing systems equipment and the proper location of new equipment.
  • Ensure that the design and maintenance of the building system follow legislative and health and safety requirements.

Average Yearly Salary

  • The Building Services Engineers in New Zealand earn an average base salary of NZD90,554 per year. Besides the base salary, they get bonus pay and extra benefits as well.
  • The salary structure of New Zealand attracts more and more engineers to migrate to this country. Apart from salary the life culture and the working atmosphere is also well and good in New Zealand.
  • The salary of building services engineers is mostly determined by their work experiences, qualifications, location, and employer. The more experience you gain, the more the salary will be.
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