KA02 For Chemical Engineering NZ

Chemical engineers who seek to get NZ-skilled immigration have to go through the knowledge assessment procedure taken by Engineering New Zealand. Knowledge assessment refers to the framework that is organized to assess the knowledge or equivalent level of knowledge of candidates in their respective discipline.

KA02 report is provided by those candidates who do not have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord. Hence, it is essential for those to demonstrate that they have gained an equivalent level of knowledge. If you want your successful knowledge assessment by Engineering New Zealand, you have to showcase efficiently that you have a level of technical knowledge and comprehension acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification.

How To Get Successful KA02 Assessment For Engineering NZ?

  • As your knowledge demonstration relies heavily on formal academic training or a professional development program, hence a complete academic transcript is crucial. If there is a shortfall in formal training then additional evidence needs to be provided of equivalent knowledge.
  • All evidence in work samples should have your name or signature noted as the author or designer at the time the original document was produced. Reports must have your name as an author.
  • If you have completed a final year design project as a tertiary institution that has been jointly authored with other students then you must present additional evidence of the solution of a complex problem that is attributed to you alone.
  • For the engagement with the research literature, you are expected to provide evidence of the use of research published in peer-reviewed journal articles and not just codes or standard support for the solution of a complex problem.

How To Make KA02 Report For Chemical Engineering NZ?

  • Give an explanation of three or four engineering projects or activities that you have undertaken, that demonstrate your potential to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering issues.
  • When you describe how your educational program contributed to your development, focus on more advanced work you have done, the knowledge you applied to accomplish that work, and the skills you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.
  • Include actual work samples of your work such as analyses, calculations, and reports that you have undertaken to prove your work episodes.
  • Must write your KA02 report in the first person singular pronoun so that it will make it easy for the assessor to analyze what your personal contribution was to the particular work.
  • Summarize your work history but give a representative sample of specific engineering projects or activities that evidence the development or application of the knowledge profile.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD (continuing professional development), describe those activities that have enriched your professional engineering knowledge in your engineering discipline.

Job Responsibilities of Chemical Engineers  in NZ

  • Chemical engineers perform chemical analysis and physical property testing of materials and products.
  • They research, design, and develop new production processes.
  • Analyze and evaluate recent processes and develop improvements to safety, efficiency, and quality.
  • Develop standards and specifications for processes, facilities, products, and tests.
  • Lead and manage projects involving development or continuation support.
Chemical Engineers Average Yearly Salary in NZ

In recent times chemical engineers are in high demand in a country like New Zealand. They earn a handsome amount for delivering the service.

  • The average base salary of chemical engineers in New Zealand is $129,973 NZD / yr. Their salary depends on their qualification and the work experience they have.
  • The salary is determined by other factors too, such as geographical location and employer. Hence, we can say that the higher the experience you have more the salary you will get.

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