KA02 For Civil Engineering NZ

KA02 is an essential document when it comes to getting a chartered membership and becoming a chartered professional engineer. If you are a civil engineer and want to apply to become a chartered professional engineer, you will be required to complete the knowledge assessment. This knowledge assessment is held by Engineering New Zealand which is the leading assessing body in New Zealand.

Civil Engineering Knowledge assessment 02 is required for those candidates who do not have a qualification that formally benchmarks to a Washington Accord accredited degree. Such candidates need to demonstrate their equivalent level of knowledge in their discipline through the KA02 application. You are required to demonstrate that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge through your academic study and job experiences.

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How To Demonstrate Civil Engineering Activity?

You need to show a level of technical knowledge and understanding acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to Washington Accord accredited qualification. You should exhibit your knowledge in eight areas that are known as elements. The eight elements are mentioned below that should be applicable to your discipline:

  • Knowledge of natural science
  • Knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and numerical methods
  • Knowledge of engineering fundamentals
  • Knowledge of specialist engineering
  • Knowledge of the design process
  • Knowledge of engineering practice
  • Knowledge of engineering in society
  • Knowledge of research literature

How Do You Go Through Civil Engineering NZ Knowledge Assessment?

You are required to go through different stages to complete your knowledge assessment. The stages are:

  • Credential check: It is the way for the assessor to recognize formal engineering qualifications.
  • Preparation: It is the process where you need to define your knowledge in eight areas, known as elements. You need to prepare a summary statement form, CV, and continuing professional development.
  • Application: It comprises; a) checking and updating information, b) requesting a knowledge assessment, c) Completing and uploading a summary statement form, d) self-assessment, and e) on-the-job training as evidence.
  • Validation: This is the process of submitting your application to a team of Engineering NZ for validation.
  • Evaluation: It is the way through which Engineering NZ assesses and reviews your application.
  • Decision: This is the stage where you will be informed about the outcome of your application by mail.

Tips To Remember While Writing Knowledge Assessment Report For Civil Engineer?

  • First and foremost, you should write your material in your own words and the English language. You must use the first-personal singular pronoun while drafting your paper.
  • You need to write each element together with performance indicators and context statements.
  • You should summarize key aspects of your knowledge under each element. Illustrate how you have developed this knowledge through academic study, on-the-job learning, and continuing professional development.
  • Describe the more advanced piece of work you did and how you applied your engineering skills to perform that work.
  • Mention three or four engineering projects and activities that you have worked on that demonstrate your abilities to apply engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering tasks.

Civil Engineering salary NZ

New Zealand Civil engineers generally earn $90,000 to $110,000 a year. However it varies time to time.

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