KA02 For Electronics Engineering NZ

If you want to immigrate to New Zealand, you will need to meet the benchmark requirements to apply for registration as a chartered professional engineer in New Zealand. The required benchmark is a Washington Accord-accredited qualification or equivalent level of knowledge. It means if you do not have a formal engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to Washington Accord qualification, it is mandatory for you to demonstrate that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge.

Moreover, to exhibit you have a level of technical knowledge and comprehension gained through your work and learning, you are required to complete a Knowledge Assessment.

Struggling To Write Electronics Engineering Knowledge Assessment NZ?

KA02 report is a technical document that requires in-depth knowledge and the knowledge of the procedure of framing report. One needs to be aware of the guidelines published by the assessor Engineering New Zealand. Moreover, one needs to invest lots of time to frame a compelling assessment report.

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Why Do You Need Knowledge Assessment NZ?

To demonstrate that you have acquired an equivalent level of knowledge applicable to your field, you need to go through a knowledge assessment. You are required to prepare a KA02 report for the Engineering New Zealand assessment. The Assessor Engineering New Zealand is a top professional body in New Zealand that assesses your KA02 report to check your eligibility and competence in the applicable field. To apply to become a chartered member or chartered professional engineer, you need to demonstrate equivalent knowledge in eight different areas, called elements. The elements are determined by the knowledge profile. Your eight elements should be:

  • Natural science knowledge
  • Mathematical knowledge
  • Engineering fundamental knowledge
  • Specialist engineering knowledge
  • Design process knowledge
  • Engineering practice knowledge
  • Engineering in Society knowledge
  • Research-based knowledge

What is the process to apply for Knowledge Assessment Electronics Engineering?

To apply successfully for the knowledge assessment held by Engineering New Zealand, you need to follow the required process and that is:

Stage 1: Credential Check

The assessor Engineering NZ uses a credential check process to identify your formal engineering qualification and credentials that they can benchmark through the Washington Accord. If your credential check outcome doesn’t cater to the Washington Accord status, you will need to go through a knowledge assessment to demonstrate that you have the required level of engineering knowledge to meet the eligibility criteria.

Stage 2: Preparation

You need to define your standard which means you are required to demonstrate your equivalent knowledge in eight areas, known as elements. You need to describe each element together with the performance indicators that Engineering New Zealand is looking for. Moreover, you need to prepare the following documents as well:

  • Summary statement form
  • CV/resume
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)

Stage 3: Application

  • Check and update your information
  • Request a Knowledge Assessment
  • Complete and upload your summary statement form
  • Self-assessment
  • On-the-job-training as evidence

Stage 4: Validation

When you complete your application, you need to submit your application to Engineering NZ for validation. One of the competent advisors checks your application form from start to finish. The advisor will give you feedback within 10 working days.

Stage 5: Evaluation

Once your application is validated, an assessor will be assigned to your application. The assessor will review your application and can ask you for some additional information or a video meeting.

Stage 6: Decision

You will be informed about the outcome of your application through an email. If your application is successful, you will need to complete a chartered assessment for chartered membership or chartered professional engineer.

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