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The most effective way to get New Zealand skilled immigration is to complete the Knowledge Assessment held by Engineering New Zealand. Knowledge assessment is categorized in two ways. The candidates who have a qualification that is accredited by Washington Accord need to prepare for KA01 and the candidates who do not have a formal engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to a Washington Accord-accredited degree need to prepare a KA02 report.

Through KA02 For Engineering Management Practice Field, candidates need to demonstrate that they have a level of technical knowledge and comprehension acquired through their work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification. You will need to display how you can deal with complex engineering problems and accomplish difficult activities.

How To Prepare KA02 assessment For Engineering Management Practice Field For  Engineering NZ?

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How To Demonstrating Engineering Management Knowledge Assessment?

To make your document effective, you must provide different aspects of your knowledge in your engineering discipline. The knowledge you demonstrate in different areas is known as elements. Below are the areas in which you should mention your engineering knowledge:

  • Element 1: Knowledge and understanding regarding natural sciences applicable to your disciplines such as the physical world and other areas of physical or biological sciences.
  • Element 2: Knowledge of mathematics, numerical methods, statistics, and the probability that supports the solving of engineering problems.
  • Element 3: Theory-based and factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering knowledge in your engineering domain.
  • Element 4: Understanding of the engineering specialist knowledge relevant to your engineering discipline; its underlying doctrines and concepts, its usages and application, and problem-solving methods.
  • Element 5: Knowledge of conducting research and analysis to support the design process in a practice area.
  • Element 6: Knowledge of engineering practice such as the latest types of systems, information technology, equipment, and specification that complete specific design objectives.
  • Element 7: Knowledge of the role of engineering in society such as ethical behavior as per the ethical codes of conduct and established norms of professional conduct.
  • Element 8: Advanced knowledge in engineering research and technology and science in a specific field of engineering practice.

   Primary Evidence To Support Elements

Submit your academic transcripts relating to your engineering qualification.

  • Submit a single PDF file for each and every qualification that gives a short detail of the content of each paper of the qualification. It will be better if you write 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Submit a total of four work samples that exhibits the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, submit a PDF file not more than three in total.
  • In the commentary for these elements, mention a summary of study experiences or any other work that showcases your knowledge of the element. It would be better if you write two or three paragraphs for each element.
  • Write a brief description to address the performance indicators for each element.

How To Draft Engineering Management KA02 Report Perfectly ?

  • You are required to provide 3 or 4 engineering projects or activities that you have been involved in, which focus on your ability in applying your engineering knowledge to solving complex engineering issues.
  • You should ponder over the activities where you have had to apply a high standard of engineering knowledge such as the complex analyses you have solved and the work you have done by scoping problems and then developing designs and solutions.
  • When demonstrating how your educational program contributed to your development, focus on more advanced works that you have done, the skills that were required to complete that work, and the ability you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.
  • You must include actual samples of your work such as analyses, calculations, or reports that you have been involved in to reassert your work episodes.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, you should write the details of those activities that have developed your professional engineering knowledge in your engineering field.
  • You should write your document using the first person singular pronoun so that it will help the assessor to assess what your personal contribution was.

Job Responsibilities For Engineering Management in New Zealand?

  • They plan strategies for the development of products and designs on schedule and within budget.
  • Collaborate and communicate with managers, contractors, and stakeholders.
  • Delegate, prioritize, and supervise all engineers’ activities and deliverables.
  • Support, monitor, inspect, and evaluate engineers’ performance.
  • Provide experience in strategic technical decisions and solutions whenever needed.
  • Develop the entire technical documentation and project roadmap.
  • Hire new talent for the team and provide coaching and development opportunities.
  • Analyze, tender, and manage budget, technology, and resources for the projects.
Average Salary in New Zealand

Engineering management practice is a high-level field in engineering and engineering management professionals get a handsome wage in New Zealand.

  • The average yearly salary of engineering managers in New Zealand is NZ$1,36,000 per year. Apart from the base salary they also get bonus pay and other benefits too.
  • The salary of engineers in New Zealand is mainly determined by the work experiences they have in their field and the other aspects are engineering skills, qualifications, geographical location, and employer.

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