KA02 For Environmental Engineering NZ

KA02 (Knowledge Assessment 02) is a mandatory document for those who do not have an engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to the Washington Accord-accredited degree. If you are an environmental engineer and you do not possess a qualification that is accredited by the Washington Accord, you will need to go through the knowledge assessment. For the knowledge assessment, you need to prepare a KA02 application.

To apply for knowledge assessment, you need to meet all the eligibility criteria. The assessing body in New Zealand, Engineering NZ assesses your KA02 report through various stages. If your assessment is successful, you will get a chance to become a chartered member or chartered professional Engineer.

KA02 Writing Services For Engineering NZ

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Tips To Write  Assessment Report Environmental Engineer NZ?

To frame your KA02 for Environmental Engineering NZ successfully, you have to frame your report with utmost care. You are required to show you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding acquired through your study and on-the-job learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord accredited qualification.

In addition, you are required to demonstrate you can deal with complex engineering problems and carry out complex engineering activities. To demonstrate your equivalent knowledge, you have to interpret your knowledge in eight areas, known as elements. You need to provide each element together with performance indicators. The eight elements are:

  • Natural science knowledge applicable to your discipline
  • Mathematical knowledge that supports the solving of engineering problems
  • Engineering fundamental knowledge required in the engineering discipline
  • Engineering specialist knowledge that provides bodies of knowledge for the accepted practice areas in the engineering discipline
  • Knowledge that supports engineering design in the practice area
  • Knowledge of engineering practice relating to technology in the practice area applicable to your discipline
  • Understanding and knowledge of the role of engineering in society and recognized issues in engineering practice applicable to your discipline
  • Research-based knowledge in the discipline

How To  Prepare an Impressive KA02 Report for Engineering NZ

Creating an impressive report is not as easy as it seems initially; you need to attain in-depth knowledge to frame an extraordinary KA02 application.

  • Provide each element of the knowledge profile along with context statements and performance indicators.
  • Highlight key aspects of your knowledge under each element to show how this has been developed through academic study, on-the-job learning, or continuing professional development.
  • Focus on more advanced pieces of the work you performed and the knowledge you needed to finish that work when defining how your educational program contributed to your development.
  • Write your document using the first person for instance, use ‘I’ or ‘ me’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘us’. It will be helpful for the assessor to check what your personal contribution was.
  • Define three or four engineering activities or projects that you are engaged with to showcase your ability to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • Submit your summary statement form, CV, and continuing professional development (CPD).

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