KA02 For Mechanical Engineering NZ

If you are a Mechanical engineer and have a dream to become a chartered professional engineer but your qualification doesn’t meet the required benchmark standard, you will need to apply for Knowledge Assessment 02 (KA02). The required benchmark is the Washington Accord-accredited qualification. If you do not have such qualifications, you should have an equivalent level of knowledge.

You have to lodge a knowledge assessment 02 application to showcase you have the level of technical knowledge and understanding applicable to your discipline that you have gained through your learning and work. The leading professional body in New Zealand, Engineering NZ assesses KA02 reports to select the most eligible candidates.

Writing KA02 report for Mechanical Engineer NZ

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The process of Knowledge Assessment 02 For Engineering NZ

You have to go through the following stages under the knowledge assessment:

  • Credential Check
  • Preparation
  • Apply online
  • Validation
  • Evaluation
  • Decision

How To Demonstrate Equivalent Knowledge For Mechanical Engineer?

As we have discussed earlier, if you want to apply to become a chartered member or chartered professional engineer, you need to complete the Knowledge Assessment. Through this report, you have to demonstrate that you can deal with complex engineering problems and accomplish complex engineering activities. Moreover, you are required to demonstrate your knowledge in eight different areas, called elements.

The eight elements are:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the natural sciences applicable to your discipline
  • Knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and numerical methods that support the solving of engineering problems
  • Engineering fundamental knowledge in the required discipline
  • Engineering specialist knowledge that shows the knowledge for accepted practice areas in the engineering discipline
  • Knowledge and understanding that support engineering design in a practice area
  • Knowledge of technological engineering practice in the practice area in the discipline
  • Good understanding of the role of engineering in society and identified issues in the accepted practice area in the discipline
  • Knowledge of the research literature of the discipline
Mechanical Engineering  KA02 Report Writing For Skilled NZ Immigration

To determine your success on your very attempt at the knowledge assessment, you need to draft your application perfectly. You need to keep the following points in mind while drafting your application:

  • Mention each element together with performance indicators and context statements.
  • Try to summarize key facets of your knowledge in each element and how this has been acquired through academic study, on-the-job learning, and continuing professional development.
  • Define how your educational program contributed to your development and focus on the more advanced piece of work that you did, the skills required to perform that work, and the competencies you needed to apply your knowledge in the engineering context.
  • Illustrate 3-4 engineering projects or activities that you have worked on that can show your ability to apply your knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • You need to prepare a summary statement, resume/CV, and a list of CPD.
  • You should include the actual samples of your work to substantiate your work episodes.
  • You must write your report using the first-person singular pronoun.

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