KA02 For Mining Engineering NZ

KA02 is an abbreviation of Knowledge Assessment 02 which is a technical document produced by Engineering candidates for Engineering New Zealand assessment. This document needs to be produced if an engineering candidate wants to migrate to New Zealand but does not have a Washington Accord-accredited degree qualification. Engineering New Zealand is a professional body that assesses the documents of candidates to select the appropriate candidates.

Through this document, applicants need to showcase that they have acquired an equivalent level of knowledge in their engineering discipline. They are required to show that they can deal with any complex engineering problems and solve complex engineering tasks. However, it is one of the challenging tasks for every candidate to prepare an excellent report.

Procedure For Writing KA02 Report for Mining Engineer NZ

  • The knowledge assessment is totally based on the Washington Accord Knowledge profile, so this is designed to cover information to assist the evaluation of your evidence.
  • You need to identify your engineering discipline in which you will give your understanding and application of engineering knowledge.
  • Get well aware of the complex engineering problems as you are required to showcase you can apply your engineering knowledge to tackle complex engineering problems and can solve difficult tasks.

How To Demonstrate Mining Engineer KA02 Knowledge Assessment?

  • It is imperative for you to demonstrate that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge through your KA02 report.
  • Provide each element of your knowledge profile including the context statement and performance indicators. Highlight vital aspects of your knowledge under each element and how it has been developed through academic study, on-the-job learning, or/and continuing professional development.
  • It is crucial to use performance indicators and complexity definitions to define your knowledge and how it has been developed.
  • If you are explaining how your educational program contributed to your development, you should keep focusing on more advanced pieces of work you did, the knowledge you needed to complete that work, and the abilities you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.
  • To define your knowledge successfully, you must write your material using the first person singular pronoun which will be better for your assessor to assess what your personal contribution was.

Evidence Knowledge Assessment 02 For Mining Engineer NZ

  • You have to describe at least three engineering projects that you have been involved with, that displays your ability to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • You need to include the activity where you have had to apply your high level of engineering knowledge for instance; some work that you have done in scoping a problem and then developing a solution or design and what engineering model you have used.
  • You are required to provide actual samples of your work that you have personally undertaken to prove your work episodes.
  • You should submit a certified copy of your academic transcripts for all your qualification.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD activities, give details of those activities that have developed your professional engineering knowledge in your discipline.

Mining Engineers Roles And Responsibilities in NZ

  • Mining engineers prepare plans for mines and ensure the safety of mining equipment and assessing mine equipment supplies.
  • Assess the commercial viability of new mining ventures.
  • Work with specialist software to back planning programs.
  • Monitor and inspect major construction projects and ensure that operations run smoothly.
  • Plan for the transition from surface to underground mining operations.
  • Keep detailed records and manage the monthly budget.
  • Provide advice and consultancy on mining and mineral extraction projects.

Mining Engineers Salary in NZ

  • Mining engineers in New Zealand get an average salary of 120,000 NZD per year. The salaries differ from person to person. They mostly get their salary on the basis of their qualification, skills, and work experiences.
  • There are other factors too that impact the salary of mining engineers such as geographical location and the employer. Apart from basic pay, they also get bonus pay and other benefits. High-pay salaries, a better working atmosphere, a peaceful environment, and a better job profile attract mining engineers from across the countries to migrate to New Zealand.

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