KA02 For Polymer Engineering NZ

If you want your skilled immigration as a polymer engineer in New Zealand but you do not have a qualification, combination of qualifications, or overseas registration that Engineering New Zealand recognizes as meeting the required educational standard, they can assess if you have acquired the equivalent level of knowledge. The required educational standard is a Washington Accord-accredited qualification or equivalent level of knowledge.

As you do not possess formal engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to a Washington accord accredited degree, it is crucial for you that you demonstrate you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge. Writing an effective KA02 assessment report is mandatory to get New Zealand skilled migration.

How To Submit Evidence Required While Preparing Polymer Engineering ?

  • Submit all your academic transcripts relating to your engineering qualification.
  • Submit a single PDF file for each and every qualification that provides a concise detail of the content of each paper of the qualification. It is recommended to describe in 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Prepare a total of four work samples that exhibit the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, submit a PDF file not more than three in total.
  • In the commentary for these elements, mention brief notes on study experiences or any other work that includes your knowledge of the element. It is suggested to provide two or three paragraphs for each element.
  • Write concise notes to address the performance indicators for each element. Include your notes in the commentary box for each element.

How To Write KA02 Knowledge Assessment Polymer Engineer in NZ?

  • You are required to provide actual samples of your work such as analyses, calculations, or reports that you have personally undertaken to prove your work episodes.
  • You need to interpret 3 or 4 engineering projects or activities that you are indulged in, which display your skills in applying your engineering knowledge to resolve complex engineering issues.
  • Do mention the activities where you have had to apply a high standard of engineering knowledge such that some analyses that you have completed, work you have accomplished in scoping a problem, and then developing solutions or designs.
  • Write your document using the first person singular pronoun in place of using ‘we’ or ‘us’. This will make it easy for the assessor to analyze what your personal contribution was to a particular project.
  • When defining how your educational program contributed to your educational program, focus on more advanced pieces of work that you have done and the knowledge that you needed to perform that work, and the talent you needed to apply your knowledge in the engineering context.

Polymer Engineers Job Responsibilities  In NZ

  • Polymer Engineers administer and analyze all data of all customers and technical management and suggest investigations for all polymer processes.
  • Manage and control numerous development programs and utilize multiple processing techniques to design all data for all customers and development programs.
  • Handle all customers’ issues and help to identify and solve issues efficiently and help senior employees to develop a resolution for all the problems.
  • Coordinate senior development engineer to implement all new products and give support to all new applications and perform several laboratory studies to assess all data and write a technical report.
  • Manage all product improvement policies and promote effective and safe lab operations to ensure compliance with all the site safety regulations.
Polymer Engineers Average Salary in NZ
  • The polymer engineers in New Zealand can earn more than the polymer engineers of other countries across the globe. The average basic salary of polymer engineers in New Zealand is NZ$75k per year.
  • They get the salary based on their qualifications and experience. Practical knowledge and experience of the work applicable to the discipline are significant in structuring the salary of the engineers. So, if you have an experience of over five years, you will get a handsome salary as compared to the newbie. Most polymer engineers want to get New Zealand skilled immigration as the culture, work environment, lifestyles, and career opportunities attract them.

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