KA02 For Software Engineering NZ

KA02 stands for Knowledge Assessment, which is held for engineers who want to get New Zealand skilled immigration. It is a mandatory document for software engineers who want to make their career in New Zealand in their engineering discipline. Knowledge assessment is distributed into two parts; KA01 and KA02.

Candidates who do not have an engineering qualification that formally benchmarks to a Washington Accord accredited degree will need to submit a KA02 knowledge assessment report to Engineering New Zealand. Through this document, you have to display that you have gained an equivalent level of knowledge. The Knowledge is based on the Washington Accord knowledge profile. You are required to demonstrate that you are able to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering tasks and problems.

Engineering NZ ka02 assessment  For Software Engineer Support

As you are applying for Knowledge Assessment, you must demonstrate the application of equivalent engineering knowledge in different areas, which is usually known as elements. You need to write eight elements followed by performance indicators. You should mention your elements in the following ways:

  • Element 1: You are required to showcase systematic theory-based comprehension of the natural sciences applicable to your discipline for example; calculus-based physics, geology, chemistry, astronomy, etc.
  • Element 2: You should mention your knowledge of conceptually-based mathematics, statistics, numerical analysis, and aspects of computer and information science to favor analysis and modeling that replicate your real-world behaviors.
  • Element 3: You need to write about a proper, theory-based formulation of engineering fundamentals required in the engineering discipline.
  • Element 4: You should provide engineering specialist knowledge that gives the application of knowledge for the selected practice area in the engineering discipline.
  • Element 5: You must define your knowledge that favors engineering design in a practice area in the engineering field.
  • Element 6: You need to exhibit knowledge of technical engineering practice (technology) in the practice area relevant to your engineering discipline.
  • Element 7: You must display an understanding of the role of engineering in society and the identified issues in engineering practice in your engineering discipline for instance; professional liability and ethics to public safety and the impact of engineering activity such as social, environmental, cultural, economic, and sustainability.
  • Element 8: You should describe the engagement with the selected research-based knowledge in the research literature of the engineering domain.

Suggested Evidence for Software Engineer NZ

  • You must prepare your academic transcripts for all your engineering qualifications.
  • Prepare a PDF file for each qualification that provides a brief description of the content of each unit or paper of the qualification and you should write in 20 to 30 words for each description.
  • Prepare a total of four work samples to demonstrate the application of your knowledge. For each work sample, make PDF files but should not be more than three in total.
  • In the commentary of these elements, write a short note on any other work or study experiences that include your knowledge of the element. You need to prepare two or three paragraphs for each element.
  • You should provide a brief description to address the performance indicators for each element.

Points To Keep in Mind While Writing Software Engineer KA02 Assessment

  • Mention three or four engineering projects or activities that you have been involved in, that display your potential to apply your engineering knowledge to solve complex engineering problems.
  • When you explain how your educational program contributed to your development, concentrate on more advanced work you have done, the knowledge you applied to perform that work, and the talent you needed to apply your knowledge in an engineering context.
  • Attach actual work samples of your work such as analyses, calculations, and reports that you have undertaken to prove your work episodes.
  • Write your KA02 report in the first person singular pronoun so that it will make it easy for the assessor to check what your personal contribution was.
  • Summarize your work history but provide a representative sample of specific engineering projects or activities that evidence the development or application of the knowledge profile.
  • Instead of listing all your CPD (continuing professional development), provide details of those activities that have enriched your professional engineering knowledge in your discipline.

Software Engineers Job responsibilities in NZ

  • Software engineers identify the needs by analyzing problem areas and implementing user feedback to create software that meets those needs.
  • Design and regulate new software programs and systems and develop and modify the existing program as and when required.
  • Communicate information through diagrams, code, flowcharts, layouts, and other documents.
  • Maintain and improve existing codebases and peer review code changes.
  • Assess company software and systems and install the necessary software and another programming.

Software Engineers Salary in NZ

  • Software engineers have always been in great demand across the globe. There is a great opportunity for software engineers in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country where engineers get high-pay salaries as compared to other countries. The yearly average salary software engineers get in NZ is 73,862 NZD.
  • It is the average base salary; apart from this they also get bonus pay and other benefits as well. The salary is determined based on the person’s experiences, qualifications, geographical locations, and employer. The more experiences you have the better will be the salary.

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