KA02 For Transportation Engineering NZ

Transportation engineers who want to work as transportation engineers in New Zealand need to go through a knowledge assessment held by Engineering New Zealand. Engineering applicants need to submit a KA02 report if they do not have a Washington Accord-accredited qualification.

It is imperative for applicants to demonstrate that they have an equivalent level of knowledge in their discipline. If you want your successful skilled immigration, you need to showcase you have a level of technical knowledge and understanding acquired through your work and learning that is equivalent to a Washington Accord-accredited qualification. You will need to display that you can tackle complex engineering problems and solve complex engineering activities. Engineering New Zealand assesses the reports to select the best candidates for immigration.

How To Display Your Knowledge From Different Aspects For Transportation Engineer NZ?

  • You are required to demonstrate your knowledge in the eight different areas, which are known as elements. Demonstrate your knowledge in the following ways:
  • You should show your knowledge and understanding of natural sciences including physics, chemistry, and other areas of physical and biological science.
  • Display your knowledge of mathematics, statistics, numerical methods, and formal facets of computer and information science to support the development or application of models.
  • Showcase your engineering fundamental knowledge by defining key factual information in core areas of fundamental engineering.
  • Showcase your specialist engineering knowledge that gives theoretical frameworks and application of knowledge for the accepted practice areas in the engineering discipline.
  • Mention your knowledge that favors engineering design in a practice area.
  • Highlight your knowledge of engineering practice (technology) in the practice areas.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the role of engineering in society and identified issues in engineering practice.
  • Describe your engagement with selected knowledge in the research literature of the discipline.

Demonstrate Transportation Engineer Profile in Knowledge Assessment For Engineering NZ.

  • Familiarize yourself with the definition of complex engineering problems as you are required to show that you can apply your engineering knowledge to tackle complex engineering problems.
  • As you do not possess an engineering qualification that is accredited by a Washington Accord-accredited degree, it is crucial for you to show that you have gained an equivalent level of engineering knowledge.
  • When you explain how your educational program contributed to your development, focus on more advanced pieces of work you have done, the knowledge you applied to perform that work, and the skill you needed to apply your application of knowledge.
  • Mention each element of the knowledge profile including the context statements and performance indicators. Under each element, summarize key aspects of your knowledge and they have been developed through academic study, on-job learning, and CPD.
  • When defining your knowledge and experiences, you must use the first person singular pronoun, which will make it easy for your assessor to check your personal contribution.

Transportation Engineers Job Responsibilities in NZ

  • Transportation engineers prepare project schedules, budgets, or specifications for labor or materials.
  • They supervise the repair and maintenance of transportation systems or system components.
  • Investigate traffic problems and suggest methods to improve traffic flow or safety.
  • Analyze construction project materials for conforming to an environmental standard.
  • Inspect and monitor completed transportation projects to ensure adherence to environmental regulations.
  • Prepare administrative, technical, or statistical reports on traffic operation matters such as safety measures, accidents, or pedestrian volume or practices.
  • Assess traffic control devices or lighting systems to ensure the need for modification or expansion.
Transportation Engineers Salary in NZ
  • The average yearly salary of transportation engineers in New Zealand stands at NZD 121,089 per year. The salary is basically determined by looking the various aspects such as the work locations, engineering qualifications, work experiences, and the employer. If you have good working experience, then you will definitely get a better salary than a neophyte.
  • The more experience you have the higher the salary you will get. Many transportation engineers want to work in New Zealand as they get better job opportunities, a good working atmosphere, decent lifestyles, and a high-pay salary compared to other countries. Apart from the base salary, they get a bonus pay and other benefits as well.

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